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SensorToolkit is a collection of sensor components that detect nearby objects and sense the world around them.

It's a powerful and convenient abstraction over basic sensing functions like: Physics.RayCast, Physics.OverlapSphere or TriggerCollider.

Object detection code can get complicated, SensorToolkit elegantly manages this complexity so you can focus on the fun stuff.

The sensor components are modular and run independently. Simply add a sensor to a GameObject, configure it and you're done.

Widgets and Custom inspectors help you debug and identify configuration problems quickly.

Difference from v1

If you've used SensorToolkit v1 then you should feel right at home. There's still the same familiar sensors, some new sensors have been added and the Steering Rig is now the Steering Sensor. On the surface it may look similar but there are some significant differences. Some important changes are:

  • Sensors now give you more info about the objects they detect, such as their shape or visibility. A detected object and it's attributes is called a Signal.
  • There's a seperate sensor for line-of-sight testing, it's no longer an option on the Trigger Sensor and Range Sensor.
  • Some sensors (such as the LOS Sensor) require another sensor as input. It reads the Signals from the input, processes them, and generates its own Signal list.
  • A bunch of new sensors added, and new features added to existing sensors.
  • The steering behaviour has been rewritten to use the Context-Based Steering method. It's much improved over the Steering Rig behaviour in v1.