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What's Included?

SensorToolkit 2 will install itself into: Assets/SensorToolkit/

inside you'll find a collection of sensor components and few directories. The sensors are standalone components, you can add them to your GameObjects' with the Add Component menu. The important directories are described below:


In here you'll find some example scenes to learn how the sensors work. The Fundamentals scene is a good starting place. It has a series of demo-stations, each designed to demonstrate the sensors in a concise way. The other scenes show how the sensors could be used in different game mechanics.


Some useful little scripts I'm providing as an extra. You can safely ignore anything in here, they're only used by the examples. I personally find them to be very useful so I elevated them out of the Examples and into their own folder.


Has all the integration code for SensorToolkit and other packages. Each integration will include a demo scene. You may need to import the integration by double-clicking the .asset file in its folder.


Full source code is provided.