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Upgrading from V1

SensorToolkit 2 is a standalone package from the original. Any work using the v1 assets will need to be done again with the v2 ones. To make migration easier it's possible to have both v1 and v2 installed simultaneously. You can phase out usage of v1 without breaking your project.

Migration Guide

  • First rename Assets/SensorToolkit/ directory to Assets/SensorToolkitV1
  • Next import SensorToolkit 2 into your project, it will be put in Assets/SensorToolkit

Now you will have the components from both versions available. Once you have phased out usage of V1 delete Assets/SensorToolkitV1.


v2 and v1 use different C# namespaces:

  • SensorToolkit - used by v1
  • Micosmo.SensorToolkit - used by v2